First board
The 1st board will manage the club during the academic year 2021-2022. We want to make sure that our club is not only a place to play a game of chess, but also a place to drink a beer with friends and have a good time!

From left to right:
Secretary: Nyasha Milan Huits
Chair: Bauke Spoor
Internal Commissioner: Jasmijn Schaars
Treasurer: Niels Verwer
Founding board
The founding board started gathering people for a student chess club in Nijmegen in the spring of 2021. Within a couple of weeks, we already found a lot of enthusiasts. This resulted in an acceleration in which all kinds of steps were taken to form an official an financially healthy association. In the summer of 2021, the founding board delivered SSVN Tussen de Torens as a fully-fledged association.

From left to right:
Chair: Jon van Broekhoven
Internal Commissioner: Tiemen Hageman
Secretary: Wouter Doeven
Treasurer: Nyasha Milan Huits